How does the digital Finance Overview work?

The Finance Overview saves you the effort of painstakingly compiling and sending out documents, such as account statements and salary statements. This function gives you the option to digitally inspect the financial situation over the last months - fast and free of charge.


And this is how it works:

You can use the button Finance Overview, to simply log in to your own online banking system. Your bank provides a digital transaction overview of the account movements during the past six months. All incoming and outgoing funds are automatically assigned to categories and summarised in a clear report. This report is then provided to you for downloading. Of course, we treat your data confidentially and only use them to decide on the payment proposal you have submitted. Just like all other data, these data are also deleted after the statutory period for deletion.

Finance Overview forms a simple and straightforward option to quickly get an answer to your payment proposal!

More information on this is provided in the FAQ under "How can I delete my data?" and under "Data protection".