What can I do to keep my collection costs down?

Respond quickly – regardless of the specifics of your case! Fees will increase throughout the collection procedure. And the faster you settle a justified claim or sort out an unjustified claim with us, the faster we can conclude the proceedings. This also applies if your financial situation does not enable you to pay the claim on time. In this case, you should also act right away: Contact us promptly so that we can find a solution together. We remain open to the possibility of various payment agreements. Contact us!

Apart from this, you should only raise objections against a claim if you are absolutely certain. This is because if your objections turn out to be unfounded, our collection costs will increase due to the additional investigation and processing effort required.

More information on the topic of unjustified accounts or accounts already paid is provided in the FAQ under „I have already settled the account. What do I do now?“ and under „What should I do if the claim is not justified?