Which payment methods are available on Riverty Back in Flow?

Riverty Back in Flow offers a broad range of simple payment options guaranteeing the fast and secure payment of the outstanding claim. Your preferred payment method is certainly also available.

Please note: The available payment options depend on the creditor.


Payment via SEPA direct debit

With a SEPA direct debit, you authorise Riverty Back in Flow to debit a certain amount from your bank account on a one-off or regular basis ("direct debit"). You can trust us - we will only collect the amount you specify in the SEPA mandate. Your advantage: With this payment method you ensure that the payment deadline is met on time. Important: Make absolutely sure that your account has sufficient funds on the day of the debit.

Payment by credit card

After logging in, you can also pay the outstanding amount by MasterCard or Visa debit card. Please have the following input data ready for this method: credit card number, expiration date and security number.

Payment via PayPal

Do you have a PayPal account? Then you can also settle the claims using Paypal on Riverty Back in Flow. After you have clicked on "Pay now", you are automatically forwarded to the PayPal payment page.


Payment via Giropay

If you want to choose Giropay (debit card payment) as your payment method, simply select the bank at which you have an online banking account as the next step. After one click on "Pay", you log in using your online banking access data. All the data is automatically filled in for you. You then carry out the transfer as usual by using a TAN.


Payment via Klarna instant transfer

Paying by instant transfer via Klarna is very simple: You simply select your bank, log in using your on-line banking access data and confirm the payment by entering a TAN.


Payment via iDEAL

If you would like to transfer money online from a Dutch bank account, you can use the connection via iDEAL without visiting your bank's homepage. We will forward you directly.


Payment via Przelewy24

For payments from Poland, we offer you the payment service Przelewy24. You will be forwarded directly from the P24 portal to your bank's online-banking service. Please have your access data ready for logging in.


Payment via Trustly

You can use Trustly from Sweden and Germany if your bank is connected to this service. With Trustly, you can make the transfer immediately without having to switch to your bank's website.

Do you have problems in making a payment or the selected payment type is not available? Then read more on this in the FAQ under "What do I do if Riverty Back in Flow rejects a payment type?" or under "Why can't I use my chosen payment type?"